Rubbing contact lenses "gets them cleaner"

Rubbing contact lenses "gets them cleaner"

People who wear soft contact lenses should rub them with their fingers rather than just soaking and rinsing them in order to clean them more efficiently, it has been found.

Multiple-use soft contact lenses made of hydrogel were used for the study by the Hong Kong School of Optometry, according to Optician Online.

Five cleanliness gradings were determined to rate how clean the contact lenses were.

Those which were rubbed all fell into the top two categories, but nearly all (98 per cent) of the others failed to reach these levels.

Most deposits (80 per cent) which were loosely attached to the contact lensess came off when they were rubbed with fingers.

According to WCYH, hands need to be washed before handling contact lenses and the lenses themselves, once removed from the eye, should go straight into a clean lens case, not an unclean surface.

It is also important that contact lens cases be allowed to air dry completely, or else they may gather bacteria.

by Alexa Kaczka

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