Consumers should "carefully consider" laser eye surgery options

Consumers should "carefully consider" laser eye surgery options

By Martin Burns

With a wide range of choices available for those who are considering laser eye surgery, it is important that people carefully examine their options, according to a newspaper writer.

Marilyn Linton of the Peterborough Examiner asserted that laser corrective surgery is often appealing to people who wear glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis, but added that "eyes are priceless" and there are a number of important factors to consider.

For example, surgery candidates should be free of any ocular diseases and their cornea should not contain any structural weaknesses.

In addition, eye institute director Dr Sheldon Herzig told Ms Linton that while "the majority of patients" will have 20-20 vision following laser eye surgery, there are a few people - such as those whose corneas are not thick enough to withstand the procedure - who do not make good candidates for the treatment.

Last week, a laser eye surgery clinic in the United States asserted that people who wear soft contact lenses should stop wearing them a fortnight before their laser eye surgery procedure, while those who wear hard contact lenses should stop at least four weeks in advance.

by Adrian Galbreth

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