Floral colours in new eyeshadows

Floral colours in new eyeshadows

By Emily Tait

Pinks and pastels are forming the basis for spring eye make-up from RMK.

The firm has released its latest range for the season, reports Vogue, which is based on gentle, floral colours.

Hues for the Spring Translucence eyeshadows are blue, pink and lilac, while there is also a compact for both cheek and eye make-up.

Amy Stone of Vogue suggested using a large make-up brush to apply the latter.

Recently, the Mirror informed its readers how to improve the appearance of their eyelashes.

It explained that using lash curlers will make them look better and suggested heated ones for the best effect.

Although it is commonly done, people should not draw their mascara wands in and out of the container, as this pushes air inside and dries it more quickly.

Anyone who wears false eyelashes was advised to use nail scissors to cut them to size.

Once the lashes are dabbed in the eyelash glue, they should be left for a few moments rather than applied immediately to let the glue set a little.

by Emily Tait

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