Considerations for laser eye surgery

Considerations for laser eye surgery

People considering having laser eye surgery have been given a list of issues to think about by Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Writing for the Daily Mirror, Dr Stoppard acknowledged that the procedure is now more refined that it was ten years ago when she was more cautious about it.

She warned that it is possible, albeit unlikely, that vision can be worsened by the surgery.

Possible complications include dry eyes, worsened night vision, infections or correction that is too strong or too weak.

The lattermost problem affects about one-tenth of people and is most likely in people with stronger prescriptions.

She advised against discount offers, saying they "might be sacrificing quality for volume".

Also Marilyn Linton wrote in the Peterborough Examiner that people considering laser eye surgery should not have any ocular diseases or problems with their corneas.

She pointed out that "eyes are priceless".

Dr Sheldon Herzig told the paper that a few people, such as those with thin corneas, would not suit laser eye surgery.

by Adrian Galbreth

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