Baseball player"s contact lenses improve his game

Baseball player"s contact lenses improve his game

A baseball player in the US is benefiting from new contact lenses, it has been reported.

Matt Kemp, centre fielder with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been enjoying the sharper vision brought by contact lenses, according to the New York Times.

The lenses correct his astigmatism and enable him to see pitches better to help improve his play by foreseeing where the ball is going to go.

According to the publication, he was recently looking around a club house, "marvelling at how his new contact lenses had improved his eyesight".

Another sportsmam, rugby player Ben Herring told the Daily Mail about his own experiences of protecting his eyesight while playing his sport.

He had suffered hard blows to his head four times in the past year, needing to wear dark glasses as his eyesight was affected.

After being told by a neurosurgeon that he was at great risk, he decided to retire at the age of 29.

by Emily Tait

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