Local clubs raise money for sight saving charity

Local clubs raise money for sight saving charity

By Martin Burns

Thousands of people in developing countries could have their sight saved after a fundraising effort by clubs in Somerset.

Two clubs in Somerset have raised hundreds of pounds which will go towards helping people in developing countries to avoid suffering preventable blindness.

The Rotary Club and the Inner Wheel Club, both of Mendip, presented charity Sightsavers International with £804 raised in one evening last year, reports This is Somerset.

It is enough to treat more than 16,000 people suffering from river blindness caused by blackflies, or for 47 people to undergo cataract operations.

According to figures from Sightsavers, reported by the paper, 75 per cent of blindness in the world is in fact avoidable.

Sightsavers works towards funding developing countries" own local manufacturing of glasses rather than sending used ones out to them.

It notes, however, that Vision Aid Overseas collects spectacles and anyone wishing to donate theirs should get in contact with that organisation.

Sightsavers has given roughly four and a half million people back their sight and has given treatment to more than 50 million who had ailments that meant they may have gone blind.

by Adrian Galbreth

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