Many Vietnam opticians "not qualified to prescribe glasses"

Many Vietnam opticians "not qualified to prescribe glasses"

Many eye care outlets in Vietnam do not have the equipment or do not take the necessary checks to make sure they are prescribing the correct glasses, it has been claimed.

The Ministry of Health"s department of medical equipment and construction has found that just one fifth of shops that advertise corrective lenses for shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are qualified to sell prescription lenses, reports the Thanhnien News.

Two experts with the Vietname National Institute of Opthalmology told the paper that people can be misdiagnosed at shops.

According to Dr Vi Bich Thuy, about 20 per cent of children are mistakenly found to be shortsighted because they are not checked properly, while other shops use scales and refraction tools which are insufficient to test vision properly.

Last month, vietnamnet.vn reported that the Vietnam Blind People"s Association was making use of a loan to create thousands of jobs for its members.

It plans to start 19 classes at vocational training centres across the country.

by Emily Tait

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