Handwritten note by Handel refers to his sight loss

Handwritten note by Handel refers to his sight loss

By Martin Burns

George Frideric Handel"s blindness is one aspect of the composer"s life being researched in a new exhibition.

Christopher Hogwood is the curator of Handel Reveal"d, Reuters reports.

Among the exhibits is the score for Jephtha which carries a handwritten note by Handel.

Dated February 13th, 1751, it says: "Unable to go on owing to a weakening of the sight of my left eye."

The exhibition is commemorating the 250th anniversary of the composer"s death and will go on until October 25th.

It is situated in London in the house where Handel spent 36 years.

Mr Hogwood told Reuters: "I thought in this anniversary year "celebrating" his death it would be nice to ask questions like "what did he die of?", "how did he live?", "what about his love life?""

Handel House Museum also announced that BBC Radio 3 will hold a Handel Week from April 12th to 18th.

This will include a show recorded by Laurence Cummings inside the house, studying the composer"s Eight Great Suites.

by Emily Tait

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