Hand painted contact lens offers cosmetic correction

Hand painted contact lens offers cosmetic correction

A woman who suffered disfigurement after being involved in a car accident has spoken of how hand painted contact lenses have restored her confidence.

Debbie Hershinger suffered a head injury which left one of her pupils permanently enlarged, littleabout.com reports.

When over-the-counter contact lenses did not give a realistic effect, she turned to the industry that paints contact lenses for actors to wear for special effects.

Los Angeles ophthalmologist Dr Jonathan Gording, who paints such lenses, explained how debilitating life can be for people who suffer injuries that affect the appearance of their eyes.

Ms Hershinger, said she is now more confident in her looks.

One example of lenses created for Hollywood, were those worn by Sienna Miller who played the Baroness, a villain in the film GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Actress Ms Miller told Total Film magazine about the dramatic effect the green contact lenses she wore for a role had on her appearance.

"I don"t recognise myself," she said

by Alexa Kaczka

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