Keratoconus treatment "should be available on the NHS"

Keratoconus treatment "should be available on the NHS"

By Martin Burns

A teenage brother and sister who suffer from keratoconus have called for their new treatment to be available on the NHS.

A brother and sister who are undergoing a new form of treatment for their keratoconus have called for it to be made available through the NHS.

Alex and Laura Hook are 17 and suffer from the condition, which means their corneas are becoming distorted, reports This is Plymouth.

They have had ultra-violet light treatment at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital, a private institution.

Both Alex and Laura said they wanted the procedure, which strengthens the cornea and stops it from continuing to change its shape, to be made available for free on the NHS.

Their sentiments were echoed by their father Kevin.

Earlier this month, Dr Joseph Feder told a Herald Times Reporter reader about corneal transplants.

Dr Feder, an ophthalmologist, explained that the procedure has the greatest success rate for people suffering from keratoconus or swelling of their corneas.

He also said that the treatment may be performed on people whose corneas are cloudy or who are suffering complications from other surgery on their eyes.

by Emily Tait

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