New contact lenses for vampire sequel

New contact lenses for vampire sequel

By Emily Tait

Actors for the sequel of a vampire film will be using different contact lenses for a new special effect, it has been reported.

Peter Facinelli made the revelation to the Press Association.

Mr Facinelli plays Dr Carlisle Cullen in New Moon, the sequel to vampire film Twilight.

He told the news provider: "We have different contact lenses that are going to "pop" a little bit more."

In addition, Mr Facinelli said that his contact lenses help him to get into his role.

"You put the make-up on, you put the contact lenses in, you look in the mirror. There"s the character," he explained.

Last month, inventorspot.com listed what it called the most frightening designs created for novelty contact lenses.

Top of the list were contact lenses which turn the whole eye red, popular in some nightclubs.

In addition, a style known as Icarus was listed, which makes it look as though there is fire inside the eye.

by Emily Tait

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