Laser eye surgery "not for everyone"

Laser eye surgery "not for everyone"

Correcting imperfect vision via laser eye surgery can be an ideal solution for some - but for others it is not suitable at all, an expert in the sector has said.

As with any surgical procedure it carries an element of risk and this should always be considered, remarked Eyecare Trust chairman Iain Anderson.

In addition to the infection risk, there may still be long-term effects of laser eye surgery that are unknown, he said.

The US Food and Drug Administration also includes guidance on the subject, quoting Dr Ralph A Rosenthal who is director of the department"s ophthalmic devices division.

"It"s not a foolproof procedure and people need to know that some can end up with worse eyesight than before they went in," he explained.

It is best to check out all the options available to you and make a decision based on all the facts.


by Martin Burns

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