Advice for bridal eye makeup

Advice for bridal eye makeup

Brides have been given make-up advice for their eyes on tampabay.com.

To start with, they should ensure their eyes are healthy long before the big day by drinking plenty of water and using a good brightening product.

Using a cool eye mask can also help.

Eyebrows should be shaped and eyeliner looks better in photographs if it is dark grey, mahogany or even navy, as black or brown can appear harsh.

Brides were also told to guard against tears by making sure they use waterproof mascars.

They were warned that failure to do so could result in "raccoon eyes".

According to the article, gold or peach highlighter is more stylish than white.

RMK"s spring eyeshadow range is notable for its floral hues.

Pastels and pinks are the basis for the line.

One set is available to make up both eyes and cheeks.

Under the Spring Translucence name, the colours are lilac, pink and also blue.

by Emily Tait

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