Club collects glasses

Club collects glasses

By Martin Burns

A cub in High Wycombe is collecting glasses to help a charity assist people overseas who need vision correction.

The Rotary Club has set out collection points in the area for residents to place any spectacles they no longer want.

Organiser Peter Brion explained to This is Local London that all donations will be given to VisionAid.

From there they will be cleaned and assessed in prisons and then shipped off to developing countries to be given to people who need them.

"It"s a really good initiative because it does not cost anything," Mr Brion said.

Although contact lenses cannot be included in the donation drive, they may be preferable for some people to wear.

Contact lens firm Acuvue pointed out that, unlike glasses, contact lenses will not break or fall off.

They also offer superior peripheral vision and do not steam up or smudge the way the lenses of glasses can do.

by Adrian Galbreth

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