Glasses with prismatic lenses help car accident victim

Glasses with prismatic lenses help car accident victim

By Martin Burns

A woman in Michigan has praised the prismatic lenses of her spectacles for helping ease her debilitating headaches.

Larissa Nicpon was in an accident involving several cars in 2007 and sustained an injury to her head.

She subsequently suffered severe headaches, reports the Tri-County Times.

But after being given glasses with prismatic lenses to help her eyes co-ordinate with each other and prevent strain and dizziness, Ms Nicpon has been able to stop using her medication and plans to return to her studies.

The lenses have been developed by Debby Feinberg and her brother in law, whose name is Arthur Rosner.

Recently, InventHelp reported the creation of Inspired Lens, a bookmark with lenses built into it.

Users can read the book through the lenses and mark their place afterwards, saving them the need to locate their reading glasses.

Inspired Lens has been patented and was developed by one of InventHelp"s clients.

by Alexa Kaczka

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