How to apply long-lasting eye makeup

How to apply long-lasting eye makeup

By Emily Tait

A beauty writer has warned women who wear long-lasting makeup to work quickly when they apply the cosmetics.

Marianne Bockheim wrote in the Michigan Beauty Examiner that long-lasting make-up can set fast, making it important to blend colours very quickly after applying the product to the skin.

She referred to the Double Wear range from Estee Lauder as an example and also told women to remember the importance of having makeup remover.

Meanwhile, Charmian Harris recently claimed in a Now Magazine blog post that she could spill the secrets of Lady GaGa"s eye makeup when the singer appeared on Jonathan Ross"s talk show.

She said Cassie Lopez had applied the star"s makeup and had used Bourjois products to give her a heavy black and glittered look.

"It was quite a strong look but actually really very wearable," Ms Harris observed, also noting that the mascara application had been heavy.

by Emily Tait

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