Implantable contact lenses "preferred to laser surgery"

Implantable contact lenses "preferred to laser surgery"

By Adrian Galbreth

Implanted contact lenses are being seen by many as a favourable alternative to laser eye surgery, it has been reported.

US eye surgeon Dr Jeffrey Whitman explained the procedure to WFAA.com.

He pointed out that while laser surgery is permanent, using implantable contact lenses is reversible and can be replaced if new technology should be developed.

The contact lenses also do not carry some of the risks such as dry eyes, while the procedure takes minutes and does not require general anaesthetic.

"And we haven"t interfered with the structure of the eye," he added.

One patient, Tommy Hardeman, expressed his delight at the results of having had contact lenses implanted.

Last week, Dr James R Seibold told the Naples Daily News that new options are now available to people who have had difficulty wearing contact lenses in the past.

He said that developments in matters such as fit and materials mean that very few people cannot wear contact lenses now if they wish to do so.

by Emily Tait

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