How to save money on eyecare

How to save money on eyecare

Wearers of glasses can cut their expenses by buying them online, a finance writer has said.

In a MoneyWeek article, Ruth Jackson found that glasses are cheaper when they are bought over the internet as opposed to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores.

She warned, though, that consumers must be careful to get their prescription correct when they buy glasses online, as companies do not need to give refunds once the product has been delivered.

In addition, users will need to provide their pupillary distance, preferably by having an optician measure it.

Ms Jackson also pointed out that people who work with computers may be entitled to have their eyes tested free of charge.

Rick Broda wrote on CNET News" Cheapskate blog that buying glasses over the internet was a cheaper option.

He admitted that this meant they could not be tried on first but said that people in the US could pay "a fraction" of what it would cost to buy them from more traditional outlets.

by Adrian Galbreth

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