Nighttime reshaping contact lenses "may control short sightedness"

Nighttime reshaping contact lenses "may control short sightedness"

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lenses worn at night may provide a solution for short sightedness, early results from new research are showing.

Chicago researchers Dr S Barry Eiden and Dr Robert Davis are trialling Stabilisation of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART), according to Medill Reports.

The five-year trial, in its second year now, is being carried out on 300 young people who will all be aged 13 to 19 by the time it finishes.

Half of the youngsters are wearing ordinary soft contact lenses during the day while the other half are wearing Corneal Reshaping Therapy contact lenses while they sleep.

These lenses have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The children using them have not shown any sign of their short sightedness worsening in the first year of the trial.

Recently, the Sunday Times reported how researchers from Moorfields Eye Hospital and the Institute of Opthalmology at University College London are working on a blindness treatment.

They use embryonic stem cells for the treatment for age-related macular degeneration.

The treatment was welcomed by the Macular Disease Society.

by Martin Burns

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