Eyecare Trust: Contacts can correct almost any prescription

Eyecare Trust: Contacts can correct almost any prescription

Contact lenses can be used to correct "almost any prescription", the chairman of the Eyecare Trust said recently.

Iain Anderson said that compared to laser eye surgery, they are not so limited in what they can treat and with what strength.

And because there is no formal surgical procedure involved, wearers do not put themselves at risk from the complications that can arise from such operations.

The Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers states that "most common vision conditions can be treated with contact lenses" - especially in recent years because of new technology.

Mr Anderson also commented recently on the suitability of contact lenses for different people and said that the introduction of daily disposable lenses had made them a lot easier to wear as there is no cleaning or solution involved.

The British Contact Lens Association recommends wearers ask themselves three questions each time they put in the lenses. Is there any unusual blurring, redness or discomfort? If the answer is yes to any of these quetions then, leave your lenses out and consult your Eye Care Practitioner.

by Martin Burns

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