Paris Hilton "pays for coloured contact lenses"

Paris Hilton "pays for coloured contact lenses"

By Emily Tait

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton regularly pays hundreds of dollars for contact lenses to change the colour of her eyes, it has been claimed.

3 News picked up a comment made to OK magazine in America by an unnamed source, which said that the socialite"s eyes are naturally brown.

But she was said to pay $400 (£150) a pair for custom-made coloured contact lenses that make her eyes appear to be blue.

"Paris has been wearing blue contacts for years," the source said.

The person also said the contact lenses can be worn multiple times.

Earlier this month, car accident victim Debbie Hershinger told littleabout.com about how her own hand-painted contact lenses restored her confidence in her appearance.

The contact lenses hide the permanently enlarged pupil she now suffers as the result of a head injury.

by Adrian Galbreth

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