Image-displaying contact lenses in development

Image-displaying contact lenses in development

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lenses and glasses which can receive and display images are being developed, according to a report.

The New York Times gives an account of "head-up displays", which would comprise glasses and contact lenses that can show pictures from a smart phone while still allowing the wearer to see in front of them.

Glasses would have optics and projectors within their frames.

According to the report, several organisations are working on prototypes for such lenses, including SBG Labs in California and the University of Washington in Seattle.

Babak A Parviz, associate professor of electronic engineering at the latter institution, told the paper that his team has developed a contact lens with the technology that has been worn by rabbits for 20 minutes, without being turned on.

Tests are still underway.

Recently, Spanish doctor Celia Sanchez Ramos developed a filter for contact lenses which blocks out harmful rays in both natural and artificial light.

Website thinkspain.com reported the invention, which Dr Ramos hopes will see commercial production in the near future.

by Emily Tait

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