Advice given on treating dry eyes

Advice given on treating dry eyes

People who suffer dry eyes from wearing contact lenses have been given help for the condition.

Ella Faktorovich, an eye surgeon based in San Francisco, said that as well as wearing contact lenses, dry eyes can be caused by factors such as using computers a lot or being exposed to dry wind.

Women may also suffer from it as they approach menopause.

While Dr Faktorovich urged people to visit their eye doctors to find a solution, she said that using artificial tears or tear duct plugs are among the options that are available.

Dr Faktorovich is the founder of Pacific Vision Institute, a vision correction institution in San Francisco, having set it up in 1998.

Among the services it offers is IntraLASIK, which it says avoids almost every complication associated with LASIK eye surgery.

Dr Faktorovich herself was one of the first surgeons in San Francisco to carry out LASIK surgey and has now done so tens of thousands of times.

by Adrian Galbreth

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