Camera "could save diabetics" sight"

Camera "could save diabetics" sight"

A diagnostic camera that could help make eye screenings for diabetics more widely available has almost been completed, it has been reported.

US start-up company Aeon Imaging has licensed a diagnostic camera intended to reduce the cost of eye screenings, reported the Indianapolis Star.

Aeon Imaging belongs to Dr Ann Elsner, director of the Indiana University"s Borish Centre for Opthalmic Research.

Her claim is that the digital camera she is developing with colleagues would help to bring screenings for diabetes-related vision problems and blindness to a greater number of people.

The camera is now said to be near completion.

The RNIB warned that more than two million people are at risk of developing diabetes-related blindness.

They also said up to a third of people do not realise that diabetic retinopathy could can blindness.

Head of campaigns Steve Winyard said: "Half of all sight loss is avoidable."

by Alexa Kaczka

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