Contact lens "saves hockey player"s eye"

Contact lens "saves hockey player"s eye"

By Adrian Galbreth

A contact lens may have prevented a Canadian hockey player from a career-ending injury after an accident during a game.

James Neal suffered cuts to both the lids on his left eye when Slovakian Ladislav Nagy accidentally hit him with his stick.

The stick entered under Mr Neal"s visor and cut his eye when Mr Nagy attempted to get it out.

Mr Neal suffered bleeding and a swollen eye but captain Shayne Doan told CBC Sports: "Someone said his contact [lens] helped save his eyeball."

While Mr Neal will not play again in the current world hockey championship, his injury is not threatening to his career.

Recently, US baseball player Brian McCann was reported by MLB.com to be wearing contact lenses in both eyes after suffering dryness and blurriness in his left one.

The Atlanta Braves catcher is testing use of the contact lenses in a two-game Minor League stint, where he is playing for Myrtle Beach.

by Adrian Galbreth

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