Blind man will fly a plane for charity

Blind man will fly a plane for charity

By Martin Burns

A blind man is set to take control of an aircraft to raise money for a charity for his condition.

Colin McArthur has been blind for 22 years, having suffered from retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and suffering from partial sight as a teenager.

He will take the controls of a Britten-Norman Islander craft on a flight departing Bembridge Airport on the Isle of Wight to raise money for RP Fighting Blindness.

Two years ago, Mr McArthur was guided by a pilot as he controlled a Hovertravel for 20 minutes.

Mr McArthur said he was "thrilled that Britten-Norman are giving me the opportunity to fly the Islander in my efforts to restore my sight."

Last month, the BBC reported how a Thalidomide child has had laser surgery to correct his vision.

John Roberts, 46, cannot wear reading glasses or put in contact lenses because his ears are underdeveloped and his arms are too short.

Instead, he was treated at East Grinstead"s Queen Victoria Hospital by Sheraz Daya.

by Martin Burns

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