How to wear eyeshadow while swimming

How to wear eyeshadow while swimming

Women who want to keep their eye make-up on while they swim have been urged to use new water-resistant eyeshadow.

The Coventry Telegraph suggested using Yves Saint Laurent products, which it said come in a number of iridescent and metallic colours.

They will be available at the end of this month.

Meanwhile, the Glasgow Daily Record has given tips on staying abreast of current make-up trends.

It suggested trying false lashes for a very dramatic effect and also observed that bold 1980s styles are making a comeback.

Blue eyeliner was another suggestion, which the paper said is "not quite Eighties cool but it"s still hot".

It also advised women who want to colour their entire eyelids to try Minerals Spirited eyeshadow, which it said is good for lasting and not creasing.

Blue was said to be a hot colour and Eyelure"s Flutterby Vividly Beautiful fake lashes, which come in blue and green with silver butterflies, are one option.

by Alexa Kaczka

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