Lego sunglasses are created

Lego sunglasses are created

Sunglasses which use Lego building bricks for their frames are available.

Lego and Lynx Optique, a French optical firm, joined together to create the unique sunglasses, which combine tinted lenses with red arms made out of the popular building blocks.

After the creation was reported by dvice.com, complete with a picture, one reader identified as Lenke Computer left an enthusiastic response.

"An absolutely wonderful idea," the reader wrote, adding, "Imagine laptops with the same Lego style on them."

Other novelty sunglasses to hit the headlines now are the ones for dogs.

Telegraph blogger and vet Peter Wedderburn explained in a post how a woman brought him her dog, Shelley, who had been experiencing discomfort when exposed to bright sunlight.

He referred her to an eye specialist, who found that she had debris in her eyes which caught sunlight and dazzled the animal.

Mr Wedderburn purchased a pair of wraparound sunglasses for Shelley after buying them online from Doggles on the specialist"s recommendation.

Although the sunglasses helped, Shelley did not like wearing them and now sports a special baseball cap for dogs with a visor to protect her eyes.

by Martin Burns

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