Laser eye clinic celebrates first year

Laser eye clinic celebrates first year

By Martin Burns

A laser eye clinic set up in Sheffield a year ago is celebrating successful results.

More than 200 patients have been treated at the Sheffield Vision Centre at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, while staff numbers have had to triple to meet the demand, reports the Sheffield Telegraph.

Satisfied patient Charlotte Calvert told the paper: "The fact all my consultations and the procedure itself took place in an NHS hospital environment gave me confidence that it was safe."

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon Matthew Edwards said the centre was glad that it could assist the hospital financially, as the centre"s patients charge but the hospital comes under the NHS.

In a letter to patients published on the centre"s website, Mr Edwards stresses the importance of having a proper discussion with a surgeon before having surgery.

"I aim to give patients the best results possible by choosing whichever of the modern technologies that best suits their eyes," he says.

by Emily Tait

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