Spring "drives demand for coloured contact lenses"

Spring "drives demand for coloured contact lenses"

By Emily Tait

More and more people choose contact lenses to change the colour of their eyes in spring, a US firm has said.

Vice president of North American sales for Vancouver-based Clearly Contacts, Steve Wallace, said that spring is the most popular season for orders of coloured contact lenses.

"Spring is usually that time of year that people start to feel like they need a change," he said.

Clearly Contacts said that requests on its website for coloured contact lenses constitute about five per cent of orders and said that the demand is growing.

Recently, the Louisiana Board of Optometry Examiners warned people to make sure they have a prescription for their coloured contact lenses.

Secretary Dr James D Sandefur warned that wearing such lenses without having them properly fitted could cause ulcers on the cornea.

The organisation has received complaints from optometrists about coloured contact lenses being sold without prescriptions, reported the News Star.

by Emily Tait

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