Budget eye beauty treats identified

Budget eye beauty treats identified

By Emily Tait

Help has been given to women who want to make up their eyes without spending a lot of cash.

Hello magazine pointed out that Bourjois Mini Dose de Nacres offers women a cheap, recession-friendly way of adorning their eyes.

It is a shimmering loose-powder eyeshadow which costs £2.93.

Women were also advised recently by FemaleFirst not to keep their eye make-up past its use-by date.

It explained that powders, such as eyeshadow, should not be kept for more than 18 months.

The publication noted that it may not be hygienic to keep using a mascara for too long and also stressed the importance of changing make-up brushes often enough.

Recently, the Vancouver Sun reported that trends in eye make-up are taking a turn towards bold, bright colours.

It suggested complementing the brilliant shades with more neutral, quieter colours such as bronze or beige.

Satin and matte finishes were said to be best for people with wrinkles.

by Emily Tait

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