Winged eyeshadow "is making a comeback"

Winged eyeshadow "is making a comeback"

By Emily Tait

The trend for winged eyeshadow is making a comeback.

According to the Independent"s Beauty Queen, celebrities such as Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe and Roisin Murphy have been seen sporting the retro look.

Terry Barber, MAC UK"s director of make-up artistry, told the paper that the effect can be obtained using metallic but soft eyeshadow, covering the eyelid.

He also recommended not wearing eyebrows too thick and to curl eyelashes.

To get the look, eyeshadow needs to be worn beyond the corner of the eye.

Instead of flicking out the eyeliner in the way Amy Winehouse famously wears it, eyeshadow should be applied further, fading as it gets closer to the temple.

Recently, FemaleFirst suggested using eyeshadow to help define one"s cheekbones.

It suggested applying a nude, shimmering eyeshadow on the cheekbone "to really define the shape and give a nice sheen".

Women were warned to make sure they work in natural light and blend properly in order to avoid looking too made-up.

by Adrian Galbreth

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