Special contact lenses "help colour blindnesss"

Special contact lenses "help colour blindnesss"

People suffering from colour blindness can have their vision helped by using special contact lenses.

Dr Ahmet Girgin announced the findings of his team"s research at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Opthalmology and the American Academy of Opthalmology.

OSN SuperSite reported how the researchers fitted coloured haploscopic lenses to 50 male patients who could not see colours properly

The percentage of colours identified by the patients" non-dominant eyes increased and they improved their performance on Ishihara tests, used to find colour blindness.

Dr Girgin said: "The perception of the patient can be enhanced up to three times."

Red/green colour blindness is the most commons type.

Sufferers may find that brown, green, orange and pale red are all the same colour, just with different intensities.

Alternatively, they may not be able to distinguish between different shades of red.

by Adrian Galbreth

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