Advice given for contact lens hygiene

Advice given for contact lens hygiene

By Martin Burns

Advice has been given for contact lens hygiene by several experts.

Speaking at the Lifebuoy Media Roundtable on the issue, optometrist Tan Chin Ching urged people to change their contact lens case every three months and keep it and contact lens solution in a dry place.

The Straits Times reported the event, in which Tan also told people to rub their contact lenses as they clean them.

Ophthalmologist Dr Yeoh Phee Liang urged people to wash their hands before touching their contact lenses and not to wear them in a sauna or while swimming.

Wearers were warned not to apply hand lotion just before inserting contact lenses and not to moisten them with saliva.

Earlier this month, Lorie A Parch wrote an article for Prevention, appearing on msnbc.com, in which she quoted an expert who warned people not to sleep in their contact lenses.

Thomas L Steinemann, associate professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University, explained that this could reduce the oxygen flow to the corneas.

by Adrian Galbreth

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