Blackcurrants being tested for dry eyes

Blackcurrants being tested for dry eyes

By Adrian Galbreth

A trial in the US is being carried out to see whether blackcurrants and fish could help women suffering from dry eye syndrome.

In the study, women are being examined to test a theory that fish oil and blackcurrants act as anti-inflammatories to combat dry eyes, reports the Daily Mail.

The participants, who are aged 40 and older, are being given a daily supplement of blackcurrants and fish oil to see whether it helps.

Fish oil and blackcurrants contain antioxidants, vitamin C and omega fatty acids.

The NHS explains that dry eye is a common ailment but older people are more likely to suffer from it, especially women.

It happens when tears evaporate too quickly or are not produced in sufficient quantities.

While not usually serious, if it becomes severe and is not treated, it can scar the surface of the eye and lead to sight impairment.

There has been research which suggests that 17 per cent to 30 per cent of people will suffer from it at some time.

by Alexa Kaczka

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