Change eye makeup "by altering textures"

Change eye makeup "by altering textures"

By Emily Tait

A makeup artist has suggested to women that they change the look of their eye makeup by altering the texture of their cosmetics.

Speaking to Irish newspaper the Westmeath Independent, Dick Page suggested using cream or pencil for eyeshadow.

"When you want to change, don"t opt for a whole new set of makeup that"s radically different from what you use," he said.

Mr Page explained that changing texture rather than colour can alter the hue as well.

Meanwhile, another makeup artist explained to CBS News how to double up different cosmetics.

Shalini Vadhera said that bronzer can be used as eyeshadow, with mascara to round off the look.

In addition, she also suggested wearing concealer around the eyes and as primer on the eyelids.

Ms Vadhera stressed the need for mascara and recommended using water resistant ones with conditioning agents.

This is better for the eyelashes, is long lasting and is not difficult to remove at the end of the evening.

Women were also warned to make sure that their concealer is the right colour for summer.

by Emily Tait

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