Advice given on eye makeup brushes

Advice given on eye makeup brushes

The requirements for good eye makeup brushes have been outlined by experts in Germany.

Claudia Seitzinger, co-owner of Berlin"s Yab Academy, explained to DPA that brushes for eyebrows need to be firmer and more angled, but softer ones work better for eyeshadow.

More than one brush may be used to put on eyeshadow, for example for blurring and for highlighting contours.

Another makeup artist, Olaf Zieseniss, who runs a Frankfurt-based business, said that in general, a full makeup brush set should include a brush for eyeshadow and one to comb eyelashes after putting on mascara.

These should be distinct from brushes for powder, blush and lips.

Recently, makeup artist Dick Page told the Westmeath Independent that women could change their look by altering the texture of their cosmetics rather than the colour.

He said this could have a significant effect.

Among his suggestions was using pencil or cream instead of eyeshadow.

by Alexa Kaczka

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