Woman helping people who are losing their sight

Woman helping people who are losing their sight

A woman who suffers from macular disease is sharing her experiences to help others cope.

Hazel Miers of Portishead was first diagnosed with the condition a decade ago, reports the Weston Mercury.

She is now offering to give talks to organisations such as care homes and rotary clubs to help other people who are suffering from failing vision.

Mrs Miers has dry macular disease, which is untreatable.

She now heads the Macular Disease Society"s Portishead branch.

Describing the experience of discovering her condition, she said: "I want to now help others avoid getting despondent."

Mrs Miers, became concerned when she had difficulty reading certain numbers and later found that she was seeing the lines on crosswords in a distorted way.

The Macular Disease Society runs a number of local support groups in the UK and publishes a magazine called Side View several times a year.

As well as helping provide support, it promotes and funds research.

by Emily Tait

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