Contact lenses "can block UV rays"

Contact lenses "can block UV rays"

People looking to shield their eyes from the rays of the sun may be able to wear special contact lenses for the purpose.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) published its advice on HealthNewsDigest, explaining that some contact lenses include a blocker of UV rays.

It urged people to make sure they protect their eyes from the sun as well as their skin and stressed the importance of wearing sunglasses that block UV rays.

A survey by the eye health body found that just 49 per cent of Americans take UV protection as their biggest concern when choosing sunglasses, being more worried about price and style.

But UV protection expert for the AOA Gregory W Good warned that too much exposure to these rays could cause corneal damage and age-related cataracts, as well as eye sunburn and growths on the surface of the eyeball.

Recently, Dr Danielle Moch of the Eye Centre of the Dakotas spoke to regional news source the NBC News Leader about sunglasses for colourblind people.

She explained that certain colours of lens could affect colourblind people"s ability to see traffic signs properly.

by Alexa Kaczka

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