Glasses created for computer vision syndrome

Glasses created for computer vision syndrome

An expert has spoken about the glasses he has developed to help people who spend long periods of time using computers.

Opthalmologist Richard W Yee of the University of Texas Health Science Centre"s Cizik Eye Centre told Ivanhoe that his spectacles help people suffering from sensitivity and dry eyes from looking at computers so much.

"Basically, your eyes are in a sauna, but the temperature goes up a little bit so that the eyes are much more comfortable," he said.

A satisfied customer, Tina Paddock, said the glasses filter out irritants such as wind, air conditioners and foreign bodies.

Dr Yee also suggested using artificial tears and warm compresses to soothe eyes.

Allergy sufferers whose eyes become irritated were recently advised to use daily disposable lenses if they do not want to wear their glasses.

Dr Paul Karpecki of the Kofler Vision Group in Kentucky and Dr David Rocks of the Advanced Eyecare Clinic both made the recommendation.

Dr Rocks was speaking to the Northwest Herald in Illinois.

by Adrian Galbreth

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