Contact lens wearers "still need to wear sunglasses"

Contact lens wearers "still need to wear sunglasses"

By Martin Burns

Wearers of contact lenses have been warned that they still need to protect their eyes from the sun with sunglasses.

The Daily News Transcript carried a GateHouse News Service report in which people who wear contact lenses were told that they should also wear sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim to protect their eyes as much as possible.

Large lenses, especially wrapover sunglasses, were advised as the best, while grey and darker lenses were also listed as being more protective.

Sunglasses should not let through more than one per cent of UV rays.

Children especially need protection as their eyes let more UV rays through to the retina than adults" do.

They need sunglasses, not just sports glasses, while the hoods of buggies should be kept up.

Recently, the American Optometric Association published advice on HealthNewsDigest, stating that some contact lenses can block UV rays.

But sunglasses should still be worn as well.

by Martin Burns

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