England cricketers turn to coloured sunglasses

England cricketers turn to coloured sunglasses

By Adrian Galbreth

The English cricket team will be wearing sunglasses in red, gold, yellow, orange and silver this summer after secret tests to find the optimum lenses.

According to the findings, which were carried out by optometrists and sports scientists with the England and Wales Cricket Board and sportswear company Adidas, these colours are better than grey lenses, which are usually too dark.

Improvements in eyewear lenses were found to increase visibility of the ball by as much as 28 per cent, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Players had tried contact lenses but sunglasses were found to be more popular.

Colourblind people were recently warned to be careful about wearing sunglasses with lenses of certain colours, as these could prevent them from seeing traffic signals properly.

Dr Danielle Moch told the NBC News Leader of North Dakota that colourblind people should wear grey shaded sunglasses or yellow-brown tinted lenses.

She urged such people not to wear any sunglasses they find on a rack and to seek advice first.

by Alexa Kaczka

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