Funding found for daily disposable lenses from Scottish firm

Funding found for daily disposable lenses from Scottish firm

By Adrian Galbreth

Further investment has been found for daily disposable contact lenses to be developed by a Scottish company.

Ocutec in Lanarkshire has received the funding from ChimaeraBio, according to Optometry Today.

Along with matched funding from the Scottish Enterprise Co-Investment Fund, the investment is worth a total of £2 million, having been getting support for over two years.

Ocutec"s managing director Wade Tipton explained that the firm"s polymer contact lenses can be shaped using pressure and heat and that the company believes it can make them significantly cheaper than products already available.

He said that the company is anticipating receiving the necessary approvals for further testing.

Set up in 2001, Ocutec is a privately owned firm.

Its board of directors includes Professor Neil Graham, Dr Abdul Rashid and Dr Roderick Bowers.

Ocutec claims that the hydrogel materials it uses to make its contact lenses are stronger than standard ones and have better resistance to tearing as well as not being brittle when their moisture dries out.

by Emily Tait

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