Global economy "can be helped with glasses"

Global economy "can be helped with glasses"

Providing glasses free of charge could significantly boost the world economy, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Reuters reported its claim in its journal Bulletin that while it would cost $26 billion (£15.72 billion) plus extra for ophthalmic services to carry out tests and provide spectacles to people needing them, there would still be savings made in productivity.

Calling glasses a "low cost intervention", the WHO said there would be a "net benefit to the global economy".

Its figures show that 153 million people in the world suffer blurry sight due to eye problems that are not corrected and that most people in this situation are in the developing world.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania publication the Times Leader has spoken to opthalmologist Frank Bucci Jr about the Tecnic Multifocal lens.

The implantable lens helps people to see clearly and may eliminate the need for bifocal lenses or glasses for distance activity.

It has been available in the US for some time.

by Martin Burns

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