How to protect children"s eyes from the sun

How to protect children"s eyes from the sun

The importance of keeping children"s eyes protected from the sun at all times has been stressed by an expert.

New York optometrist Steven Schiff told Newsday that children need to have their eyes shaded whenever they are outside, not just during beach outings.

He explained that they need sunglasses while at the park or playing sports.

Elastic straps to hold glasses around the neck or to the head were recommended for older children, though such items should not be used for toddlers.

Dr Schiff said that by the age of five, children should know how important it is to wear sunglasses.

Earlier this week, it was emphasised that people who wear contact lenses still need sunglasses for maximum protection.

In a Gatehouse News Service report picked up by the Daily News Transcript, wearers of contact lenses were also advised to wear a wide brimmed hat to shield their eyes as much as they could from the sun.

by Adrian Galbreth

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