Sprinter wins despite losing contact lens

Sprinter wins despite losing contact lens

By Adrian Galbreth

A runner sprinted his way to victory despite losing his contact lens on the track.

David Knox was running the 200m handicap at Earlston Games, according to the Selkirk Weekend Advertiser.

While running on the Borders games race, he lost a contact lens.

But the Selkirk Track coach carried on anyway and pipped his closest competitor, Linda Nicholson of Peebles, to win the race.

Recently, the Daily Telegraph reported that secret tests had been carried out to find the best type of sunglasses for the English cricket team.

Grey lenses were found to be too dark as a general rule.

But red, orange, silver, yellow and gold performed the best and could better ball visibility by up to 28 per cent.

Adidas and the England and Wales Cricket Board carried out the study with sports scientists and optometrists.

Sunglasses turned out to be more popular among the players than wearing contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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