Contact lens firm sees earnings double

Contact lens firm sees earnings double

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lens firm Cooper Cos (COO) has seen a rise in earnings in the year"s second quarter.

The COO"s chief executive and president Robert Weiss said that the company was "very pleased" with the figures, adding that it had "generated strong earnings growth, solid free cash flow and made progress with several key products".

Second-quarter earnings more than doubled in the second fiscal quarter.

While earnings had been $11.2 million (£6.94 million), they rose to $24.6 million (£15.2 million), with shares increasing as well.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said earlier this week that providing more glasses could help stimulate the global economy.

Reuters reported the claims made in the organisation"s Bulletin publication that spectacles are a "low cost intervention" and that they could bring a "net benefit".

Despite the £15.72 billion it would cost for tests and provision, the WHO said this would be regained in increased productivity once people were able to correct their blurred vision.

by Martin Burns

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