Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

A financial website has found that money can be saved when people buy contact lenses online.

According to lovemoney.com, buying contact lenses offline can mean getting them delivered and entitle a person to free check-ups, but it still costs more.

Patients were advised to ask for a copy of their prescription and not to buy contact lenses online without first having a proper fitting.

The website also found that buying glasses online could lead to savings of over 63 per cent.

Customers will need to know the distance between their pupils in order to buy the right size frames.

As well as helping individuals" pockets, buying glasses may be able to boost the worldwide economy.

In a recent report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), picked up by Reuters, it was said that providing glasses for free could help boost productivity across the world.

The WHO said that most of the 153 million people who lack correction for their blurry vision are in developing countries.

by Adrian Galbreth

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