Contact lens use in Malaysia "on the rise"

Contact lens use in Malaysia "on the rise"

Contact lens wearing is seeing an increase in Malaysia.

This is according to a report in the New Straits Times Online, which included data from Ciba Vision.

The report stated that while Taiwan has a contact lens penetration of 13 per cent and Singapore of 12 per cent, Malaysia"s figure is a relatively low five per cent.

However, this is seeing a rise.

The paper said that the trend would depend on whether consumers realise the benefits of contact lenses and how much professionals prompt people to try them.

Daily disposable lenses were described as part of the "breakthrough" in the popularity of contact lenses.

Another reported trend was the rise in the use of silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Recently, Optician Online reported that Sauflon launched the first silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses that are made in the UK.

by Alexa Kaczka

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