How to select sunglasses for your face

How to select sunglasses for your face

By Emily Tait

Sunglasses wearers have been advised on how to select frames that will best suit their shape of their face and nose.

Writing for the Vancouver Sun, Chantal Eustace spoke to Steven Wilson of Eyes on Burrard for advice.

He explained that oval faces such as Angeline Jolie"s can take almost any style but the frames need to be in proportion.

Round lenses should not be worn on faces of a similar shape, while heart-shaped and square faces need to follow the same rule.

Mr Wilson explained: "You"re looking to complement or contrast, not match the face shape."

People without strong bridges to their noses were also advised to opt for sunglasses with nose pads.

One celebrity sunglass wearer is Victoria Beckham, who was recently snapped wearing large shades even at night time.

PopSugar reported her appearance as she arrived in London while her footballer husband David trains.

She stepped out of her car dressed all in black, including ripped jeans and the sunglasses.

by Emily Tait

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